At a recent medical technology industry meeting Professor Robyn Ward, Chair of the Medical Services Advisory Committee (MSAC) recommended that sponsors of new and innovative technology seek early engagement with the Committee Secretariat.  MSAC advises the Australian Government on whether new medical services should be publicly funded based on an assessment of comparative safety, effectiveness and cost effectiveness and total cost.

An application for physician reimbursement in Australia can be a complex and lengthy process, involving several stages.  Following an initial determination of eligibility, the next step in the MSAC application is to develop a ‘Decision Analytic Protocol’ (DAP). The DAP outlines the issues that must be addressed in the main submission of the application. Public comment is sought before the protocol is finalised.  Examples of current DAPs can be accessed at

Professor Ward recommends engagement at this early stage, up to two years before a full submission may be planned.  She anticipates the development of the DAP will not only define the clinical and economic questions that need to be addressed but will help sponsors work out the best way for applications to proceed and may also assist in planning clinical trials.

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