Economic modelling and Cost-effectiveness

Sarah Griffin, Director of MedTechnique Consulting

George Papadopoulos, Hemant Rathi, Amit Gupta, Bhavna Sharma & Dirk van Bavel

Cost-effectiveness analysis of arthroscopic injection of a bioadhesive hydrogel implant in conjunction with microfracture for the treatment of focal chondral defects of the knee – an Australian perspective

Our recent publication JointRep, a bioadhesivehydrogel arthroscopically injected to facilitate cartilage regeneration together with microfracture surgery is a cost-effective treatment option compared to microfracture alone from the Australian health care system perspective is now published on-line in the Journal of Medical Economics and free to download.

The paper examines whether a novel hydrogel (JointRep™) for cartilage regeneration in the knee is cost-effective when compared to the standard of care which is microfracture surgery.  Although the evidence base is in the early stages, our study demonstrates that the intervention is likely to be highly cost-effective in the Australian setting.

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