Reimbursement Landscape Analysis

It is important to be prepared when launching a new technology. 

Before launching a medical technology, it is essential to understand the reimbursement environment prior to market entry.

Reimbursement can be tricky and processes may change due to the prevailing political environment. Mistakes can be costly and delay a successful launch. We advise all clients who may be new to Australia, or who are locals who need expert information to consider commissioning a landscape analysis.

A landscape analysis will outline the Australian health financing system, the Medicare system, the roles of both the state and federal government, and the public and private hospital systems.

The analysis will explore the appropriate reimbursement pathways available for your technology in detail. This will include the expected clinical and economic evidence requirements, sample timelines and if appropriate, anticipated costs.

Our Consultant Health Economists  have a deep understanding of the medical devices landscape, including public and private payers, highlighted in the case study shown here.

Reimbursement Landscape Analysis Case Study


A multinational company was exploring the opportunity to commercialise a non-traditional novel cancer therapy that typically was not covered by the normal reimbursement pathways for devices and/or drugs.

The client was not very familiar with the Australian market and MedTechnique Consulting was commissioned to identify any possible reimbursement pathways in Australia.


MedTechnique Consulting performed a comprehensive analysis of the reimbursement environment for the therapy that covered both public and private options and explored previous decisions by the Australian Government regarding non-traditional therapies. The analysis also included a deep dive into the pertinent legislation that enabled the client to rule out a proposed pathway.


An alternative possible pathway was identified that the client was previously unaware of.

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