Feasibility Assessment & Reimbursement Risk Assessment

It is important to be prepared when launching a new technology.  MedTechnique Consulting is able to analyse the current landscape for your technology so that you are well prepared and can mitigate any risk, as well as helping to make your launch a success.

It is essential that before you enter the market you understand the detail within the following areas:

  • Is there physician reimbursement for using the device or technology?
  • Is the device eligible for reimbursement in private hospitals?
  • Is there a Diagnostically Related Group (DRG) that covers the procedure that uses the technology so that it is simple to access the public hospital system
  • Is the device priced so that it is economically viable to the health system?
  • Is there a funding source for devices used outside of the hospital systems?
  • Where does your device fit in the Australian health financing system?

MedTechnique Consulting can help you navigate your way through the current landscape and answer these important questions.

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